Ali Shares Her Message About Running With Crohn’s Disease

Ali opens up about running with Crohn's Disease and how it can suck, but it's also very empowering.

This week’s featured Project Start ambassador, Alison Feller (@aliontherun1), tells us what she loves about running, and what keeps her going when things get tough.

Her Message:

“I know there’s a run in my future, I know there’s gonna be another finish line in my future!”

Despite living with Crohn’s Disease, Ali hasn’t given up on herself or her love of running. While many of us struggle to get started with running, Ali struggles with not being able to run due to her disease.

Perhaps, the motivation we are seeking can be found in appreciating the fact that running is even an option for us. Because for many, like Ali, that is not the case. Ali’s tenacity in the face of her disease is an inspiration to all of us to JUST START, simply because we can.

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