Remember Aerosmith’s Boston Marathon Tribute That Gave Everyone Chills?

Two years ago, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler gave everyone chills and tears—and it's making the rounds again as this year's marathon nears.

No one will ever forget what happened on Boylston Street in 2013, and every year in April, runners around the world pay their own tributes to the three people lost and more than 260 injured on that day. And every year around the Boston Marathon, tributes, videos, photos, mashups, collaborations—you name it, old and new—start circulating among runners and around social media to remind everyone that the running community is never broken. That Boston is always strong.

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Steven Tyler and Joe Perry’s performance of “Dream On,” as part of the E:60 special, took our breath away one year after the tragic bombings, and it’s recently resurfaced on social media as this year’s race approaches. In case you missed it two years ago, here it is again, because we love it.