A Song For Every Type Of Run

Happy, angry, sad, inspirational, life-changing—whatever the run, there's a song to match.

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Straight from my own random Pandora playlist, I’ve discovered there’s a song for every occasion. Here’s a few that have gotten me through the super rough and super awesome patches of running (some our NSFW):

1. Feeling content and happy: Ella Henderson “Ghost”

2. Zoning out, getting it done but forgetting how you did: Mr Probz “Waves”

3. Adrenaline rushing, good stride, want to keep the quick pace: Andy Grammar “Honey I’m Good” OR Sheppard “Geronimo”

4. Pissed off about your last race, so you’re gonna hit the grind for the next one: Fort Minor “Remember The Name”

5. Super sad about life’s ailments, and you just need to get it out: Brandi Carlile “Wherever Your Heart Is”

6. Girl power, remembering you’re an amazing person in this world: Rachel Platten “Fight Song”

7. Approaching a finish line that packs a powerful emotional punch: OneRepublic “I Lived”

8. Toughing out that final mile that feels like 10: Fall Out Boy “Novocaine”

9. Trail switchbacks, trail switchbacks: Avicii “The Nights (Extended Mix)”

10. Just your normal morning run: Phillip Phillips “Home”