A Runner’s Dictionary

We've all experienced "runderlust" before.

runners with dog

Here’s a Runglish (Run to English) mini-dictionary, for the runner to give to the non-runner in their life:

Runlines: Tan lines created by running tops and shorts.

Runaholic: Being addicted to running, to the point of requiring someone to periodically hide and lock up your running shoes to force you to take a rest day.

Runch: Meeting for a run followed by brunch.

Runcation: Taking a vacation that is centered around a running event.

Runsanity: The process of maintaining your sanity by running regularly.

Rungry: Being incredibly hungry due to your run.

Runfie: A selfie of yourself that you take before, during or after your run to share your runner’s high or your latest running gear.

Runderlust: A strong desire to run.

Rungover: The state of being unable to move or get out of bed the day after your weekly long run.

Runabler: Someone who motivates and helps another person to start running.

Rundry: An excessive amount of excess laundry that must be done due to frequent running.

Runphoria: A state of euphoria that can only be reached through running.

Run-o-clock: The time of day that you regularly run.

Runcrastination: Finding excuses to delay your daily run.

Runfession: A running related confession.

Paria Hassouri is a runner, a mother, a pediatrician, and a margarita enthusiast who runs to maintain her sanity. She writes for her own blog, Mom On The Runsanity.