A Lesson In Confidence From Kara Goucher

Kara describes how a confident attitude guided her to one of the best races of her career.

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Kara Goucher

Kara Goucher describes how a confident attitude guided the elite runner to one of the best races of her career.

“I was very confident with my preparation leading into the world championships in 2007. I was running the 10,000 meters. While I had never run at the world championships before, and my time seeded me only about 20th, I knew that I had done great preparation ahead of time. Instead of being intimidated by all the very accomplished women around me, I used strength and confidence from the training I had done leading up to the race.

During the race, I listened to my breathing and my body. With 200 meters to go, I thought about all the training I had done; it gave me the confidence to give one last push, which propelled me to the medal position. Without confidence that day, I would have finished way back, but instead I listened to myself, trusted myself and ran one of the greatest races of my life.”

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