By The Numbers: Marathons And Running Around The World

From racing backwards to the number of cups used along the NYC Marathon route, Women's Running has the stats on your favorite races.

Race Statistics

From start village to finish line, check out these racing statistics from around the globe!

You rock, ladies!

Qualifying for Boston just might pay off–literally.

Some of us can barely walk backwards without running into a light pole. Kudos to these balance geniuses.

Mark your calendars! August 23, 2017 is coming up quick.

Women also currently represent 57 percent of race finishers.

Running continues to increase in popularity among elite and everyday athletes alike.

Some races are starting to explore cup-less racing, like the Across the Bay 10K along the Chesapeake Bay.

Yes, you read that correctly: she ran 776.7 miles!

We’ll have to think twice the next time running through snow with shoes feels too cold.

Avon’s efforts also helped the women’s marathon become an official part of the Olympic Games, beginning in 1984.

Now that’s just fun.


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