5 Things Women’s Running Loved This Week

We are here with the weekly installment of gear and goodies that we just can't get enough of here in the Women's Running offices.

Epic Smoked Salmon Maple Fillet Strips, $40 for box of 20


“I didn’t have anything to eat at my desk and someone left me a sample of one of these after a taste test. OMG, amazing! I grew up on smoked salmon; I was the weird kid that brought those snacks to elementary school. So this strip of smoked salmon, with just a hint of brown sugar, was like home!” —Caitlyn Pilkington, web editor

Nancy Rose Performance Desire Pullover, $98


“There isn’t much that Nancy Rose Performance makes that I don’t love, but this is certainly one of my favorites. The quality is unmatched! I’ve slowly changed over the years from a jeans and t-shirt type of girl to wearing leggings and comfortable tops all day every day. The great thing about this sweatshirt is that you can dress it up or dress it down all while being comfortable and on trend.” —Dorothy Beal of Mile Posts and #TeamWR contributor

Valleau Apparel Sunset In Sea Foam/Black, $42


“I usually don’t work out in just a sports bra, but this one is so cute that I can’t help myself! The color is a beautiful mint and you can wear the straps multiple ways making it a versatile piece.” —Ashley Lauretta, freelance web editor

Nike Zonal Strength Running Tights, $150


“I’ve never worn a pair of running tights that feel this soft, supportive and comfortable. They make me want to throw out all my other running tights and just wear these day after day.” —Jess Underhill of Race Pace Jess and #TeamWR contributor

Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed Superfood Bar, $16.99 for 12

health warrior

Honey Cracked Pepper with Turmeric is a flavor I haven’t seen before, but, bar makers, take note! The pumpkin seed base goes perfectly with these flavors to deliver one scrumptious, savory bar. They will be available in select Wegman’s beginning Feb. 19 and will make their way into Target nationwide in June.” —Nicki Miller, managing editor