7 Things Fictional Runners Do That We Just Laugh At

Of course it is amazing to see a character in a TV show or movie run, but we can't help but shake our heads at how they portray the sport.

laughing at TV

It’s always really cool to see characters in a movie or TV show who are runners, too. It’s fun to see our sport glamorized on the big and small screens and show everyone just how awesome running is. But while there are a lot of things those writers get right about runners, sometimes they seem a little out of touch with what everyday athletes actually do.

Here are 7 things fictional runners do that real life-runners would have a tough time doing without the magic of Hollywood…

1. Get back from a long, intense run…without any visible sweat stains. What kind of deodorant is she wearing and where can I get some?

2. Run in a pair of obviously non-running shoes. Yes, they’re really cute, but the blisters!

3. Go running in a bustling city while gracefully and speedily navigating pedestrian-packed streets. Come on, how can you not accidentally elbow at least one person?

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4. Go for daily runs on the beach and yet somehow have the most perfectly even tan. Please, most of us go for one sunny run and have racerback tan lines for months!

5. Manage to hold intense phone conversations while running on the treadmill. Alternatively—run on the treadmill while reading deep literature or handling a major work project. Listen, multitasking is great and all, but how do you manage to breathe/not fall on your face while doing that stuff?

6. Go for a run with her hair down in a bouncy blowout. Don’t you start to sweat just thinking about all that hair on your neck?

7. Wear only a skimpy tank top with a built-in bra, no sports bra visible. Ouch. Just ouch.

…but 3 things we totally do too.

1. Go for a long run when you’re sad/mad/lonely/worried. Basically running is the solution to all the feelings. If only we could have a personal director to cue up a warm summer rainstorm or the perfect emotional background soundtrack while we run, too.

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2. Work out in a color-coordinated, matchy-matchy, gloriously spandex-y outfit. Because sometimes you just want to look cute, dammit.

3. Collapse on the living room floor, moan in pain, chug juice straight from the container and/or scarf leftovers in front of the fridge immediately after an impossible run. Running is hard. Enough said.