7 Mantras That Will Get You Through Tough Runs

Repeat these words to yourself when training gets tough.


Positive self-talk is a powerful way to get your mind and body to do whatever you want. Take a cue from Dawn Ciccone, an avid runner and accident survivor. She repeated many mantras and sayings until she successfully convinced herself anything is possible. Here are a few of her favorite words of wisdom.

“Your best friend and most intimate supporter is looking back at you in the mirror. Be kind to yourself.”

“Sometimes it’s not in the fight, but in the letting go that we win.”

“In life, it’s trial and error that leads to decisions. Like trying on running shoes, all you can do is test what you think may interest you, run with it and then make a decision.”

“You can’t escape your worries until you change your thinking.”

“You know you beat the monster when what held you back moves you forward.”

“It takes courage to take accountability for our own actions. It takes bravery to face our own pain, stare it in the face and admit it’s our own responsibility. The gift of freedom is in the pain of owning our choices.”

“I run for solitude, stress relief and communion with nature. Running is the love that never lets me down and the friend who is always there. I run for joy.”