4 More Thought-Provoking Facts About Exercise

Find out the latest health and wellness research and tips.


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This is your run on music.
If you love getting your groove on while striding down the street, you may have a slight advantage over runners who don’t bring the tunes. According to a study in The Sport Journal, runners who use music to dissociate—or divert their minds from feelings of fatigue—can have up to a 10 percent reduction in perceived exertion during moderate exercise. Music often elicits an elevated mood, which creates good vibrations that may help you to run farther and faster.

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To run long, short, hard, slow or not to run at all?
That’s the annoying question. According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, running a little bit is better than nothing, running 150 minutes per week is preferred and running more than that could be harmful. Our thoughts? Way too complicated. Enjoy the run, listen to your body and work with a physician to figure out what best fits your goals, body and health history.

Gluten-free: fact or fad?
According to a recent study by Consumer Reports National Research Center, nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that following a gluten-free diet improves mental and physical health—but a mere 7 percent actually have an intolerance due to a medical condition. While the popular wheat-free diet has been credited with shrinking waistlines and improving energy levels, research favors both sides of the dinner table. If your gut screams at the thought of full-blown pasta, test some gluten-free options and see if it makes a difference for you. If you’re a celiac like elite runner and WR blogger Stephanie Bruce, test out her gut-friendly option for banana bread.

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Keep those pearly whites.
Healthy juices containing acid (think: tomato, pomegranate or even kale juice with lemon) can erode enamel, leaving teeth vulnerable to staining and decay. But contrary to popular belief, you should not brush right after sipping, aka when enamel is weakest. Instead, sip your cold press through a straw and remember to attend to your chompers morning and night.