6 Places You Should Never Put Your Phone While Running

It’s crucial to be careful and smart about how you store your phone on your person while running.


*Courtesy of RunHaven

These days, most people have separation anxiety when it comes to their phones. Frightened to death that they might miss a “like” on Instagram or a text from some random acquaintance, many people (sadly) cannot even take a short run without their device. Sure, having your phone with you while running is a good safety measure to take, and it is a lifeline if you wimp-out and need a ride home. However, it’s crucial to be careful and smart about how you store your phone on your person while running. Never carry your phone in any of the following places.

  1. In your bra. While the sports bra might seem like the ideal place to hold your phone, it’s inadvisable. Inevitably, the phone will become so immersed in one’s cleavage that it can be lost or worst yet, waterlogged with breast juice. Moreover, if you try to put the phone atop one of your breasts, then you run the risk of chafing and being exceedingly lopsided.
  2. Down your pants. You may think you can wedge your phone in the elastic part of your tights/shorts that goes around your waist. Chances are, however, that gravity will work its magic and the phone will soon end up taking a journey down your lower abdomen and into your crotch area where it will become tainted (<-see what I did there?) with God only knows what.
  3. In your hand. It’s true that people actually run full marathons carrying a phone in their hand. I’ve seen it happen. The advantage to this is that the phone is at the ready for that impromptu selfie or picture of your favorite running partner throwing up or copping a squat. Yet, as your hand becomes moist with sweat, the phone will likely slip out of your grip and crash onto the hot asphalt. Don’t chance it.
  4. Taped to your inner thigh. Everyone knows that one of the best uses for duct tape is for attaching your phone to your inner thigh. Why is this not a good idea? Mostly because you will rip off hair from one of the most sensitive places on your body when you try to remove the phone. Also, your phone will likely rub against the other leg, causing some wicked chafing.
  5. In your shoe. Running involves taking about 2,000 steps per mile. Putting your phone in your shoe and thinking it will not break is like putting yourself in a race with Ryan Hall and thinking you will win. It is just not possible.
  6. In your compression sock, right around the calf area. The point of compression socks is that they squeeze the lower leg to increase blood flow. While positioning your phone in your sock might guarantee it stays put, it will also likely leave a permanent phone imprint on the tender skin of your leg.

The moral of the story: If you really cannot run without your phone, then put it in an armband, fuel belt or hydration pack. You and your phone will be much happier this way.

Do you carry your phone when you run? Where do you put it? Ever had a phone disaster while running?