5 questions answered in 5 words or less

Neily  Mathias, U.S. Director of Customer Service for multi-sport apparel manufacturer 2XU, is an accomplished runner and triathlete. She recently ran her first stand-alone marathon, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona, in a time of 3:21:25.


  1. What first inspired you to start running? Post-college swimming, discovered “runner’s high”. 
  2. How do you usually feel when you start a run? Sluggish, until easing into pace.
  3. How do you usually feel when you finish a run? Fantastic, high-fiving my running mates!
  4. What words best describe your marathon experience? Different type of pain, pure.
  5. If you could go for a run with anyone, who would it be? Gazelles on the African plains.


– Holly Bennett