5 for 5 with Morgan Clark

Today I’m launching a new interview concept – 5for5. Throughout the coming months, I’ll conduct Morgan mini-interviews with a wide variety of women to explore their experiences with running. I’ll ask each interview subject to answer 5 questions in 5 words or less, thus 5for5. To kick off the series, I talked to Morgan Clark, Owner and President of Atlanta-based multi-sport retailer

  1. What inspired you to start running? The Chicago Marathon 2003.
  2. What do you think about while you’re running? Clearing my mind, de-stressing, breathing. 
  3. How do you usually feel when you start a run? Sleepy, tight, & craving coffee.
  4. How do you usually feel when you finish a run? Ready to conquer the day!!!
  5. If you could go for a run with anyone, who would it be? Willie Nelson.


– Holly Bennett