The Runner Behind One Of Your Favorite Blogs

You love her recipes. Now get to know more about Running On Veggies.

lottie run

Chances are you’ve seen Running on Veggies’ recipes on Women’s Running or her beautiful photos on Instagram. We chatted with Lottie to find out more about how she started running, what she is training for now and her philosophy on fueling.

Lottie Bildirici, Brooklyn, NY

“I first got into running after signing up for a half marathon through a charity program that required that I raise money for a local cancer center. It was a great excuse to give back and also enjoy a trip to Disney with my friends. I signed up for smaller races throughout the year and slowly started to get the running bug. I remember toeing a starting line for the first time, standing there in my oversized sweatshirt and watching all the little heads bob once the gun went off. I loved the running community and camaraderie. After I ran the half marathon, I was completely hooked.”

What events are you focusing?
Right now I am focusing on triathlons. During the “off” season I like to work on my weakness which is swimming (shocker). Yes—most runners do not know how to swim. All summer long I did sprint triathlons. I knew going into next summer I wanted to be challenged. Thats when i signed up for the Atlantic City Half Ironman in September. My main goal is to go into training strong, healthy and injure-free so I’m taking the extra rest time or doing a little less now so i can ramp it up this summer! You can follow me on Strava to see my training as i prepare for my first 70.3.
What is your go-to workout?
Everyday I like to change it up—swim/bike/run. But a constant in my routine is pilates. Whether I’m doing a megaformer class or old fashion mat pilates, I incorporate some form at least 3-4 times a week. It has helped me come back from injury and stay healthy. Every runner needs a strong core and glutes. I found pilates to really compliment my sport.
What is your philosophy on fueling as an athlete?
I always say look at food as another aspect of training—what can I get out of this meal? What is this snack doing for me? I think when you stop worrying about what you look like or how you are going to fit in to that dress you bought last year and start looking at food like an athlete (because you are), you start to eat better and feel stronger.
What is your favorite recipe on your blog?
How can I pick one? I love them all! But I can tell you my post popular recipe has to be my quinoa crust pizza. I think everyone loves pizza and everyone loves making something easy! With basically two ingredients, whats not to love about this recipe!