50 Reasons Why I Run

What are your reasons for lacing up every day?


Think back to before you were a runner. What motivated you to get off the couch and lace up your sneakers for the first time? Whether the reason was serious or frivolous, all that matters is that it got you out the door. While it may have only taken one goal to push you through that very first run, I’m betting that you discovered many other incentives along the way.  Here are 50 of my reasons for running. What are yours?

I run because…

  1. It relieves stress.
  2. It gives me time to myself.
  3. I get to eat pizza.
  4. It keeps me sane.
  5. It helps me sleep better.
  6. It makes me feel more confident in my bathing suit.
  7. It’s my main form of cardio.
  8. I can exercise the dog at the same time.
  9. I love how I feel afterwards.
  10. I hate how I feel when I skip it.
  11. It gives me endorphins.
  12. It’s cheap.
  13. It gives me the stamina I need to get through boot camp class .
  14. It gives me the stamina I need to get through a day at home with my baby.
  15. I think a post-run shower is the best shower.
  16. I want good legs.
  17. I want an even better heart.
  18. It gives me an energy boost.
  19. It sets a healthy example for my son.
  20. I’ll take hill runs over squats any day.
  21. It helps me work out my problems.
  22. I want to keep the baby weight off.
  23. I want to beat my personal best.
  24. I can catch up on TV on the treadmill.
  25. I want to live to 100 years old.
  26. I eat a lot of pizza.
  27. I like making running friends.
  28. I like exploring my neighborhood.
  29. I can do it anywhere.
  30. It stretches my legs when they’re tight.
  31. It relaxes me.
  32. It pumps me up.
  33. I love fresh air.
  34. I can blow off steam when I’m mad.
  35. It cheers me up when I’m sad.
  36. I want to wear short shorts.
  37. I like to push myself.
  38. I come up with some of my best ideas while on the run.
  39. It can be so easy.
  40. It can be so challenging.
  41. I want to sign up for a race.
  42. It lets me zone out.
  43. I can listen to my favorite music.
  44. I can work through an audiobook.
  45. It’s a good excuse to procrastinate my to-do list.
  46. I also eat ice cream. And chocolate. And drink wine.
  47. I want strong bones.
  48. It makes me happy.
  49. It’s fun.
  50. I can.