5 Types Of Runners You See Every Day

These ladies are sticklers to their specific-time-of-day runs, and we totally commend them.


Just like you have a go-to playlist or a tried-and-true pair of sneakers, there’s probably a certain time of day you prefer to run. Maybe it’s because it’s the only free hour you have, maybe it’s because a coach told you it’s the best time to go, or maybe it’s just because you like the way the sun hits you at a certain time; whatever the reason, it’s awesome that you find the time to make it happen. So since it’s always run o’clock somewhere, let’s take a look at these timely runners—where do you fall on the clock?

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The day breaker
She is the walking (or running) definition of a morning person. When her alarm goes off at an hour most people would still consider nighttime, she jumps out of bed and into the clothes she laid out the night before. She sees the sun come up and is done for the day when everyone else is just starting theirs. Since she’s up before the news comes on and is in bed before must-see-TV starts, she may not always know about the fun watercooler gossip but does know it’s always worth it to start the day with an awesome run.

The lunch-hour heroine
She doesn’t do mornings and is too tired at night so for her, running is all about the lunch break. She’s lucky enough to have a full hour and doesn’t waste a minute of it; her gym bag is always packed, her sneakers are on when the clock strikes noon, and she’s mapped out the perfect 3-mile run that leaves her just enough time to shower before she heads back. She is as fit as she is efficient and is definitely the kind of person those Pinterest-y mason jar salads were invented for. Oh wait, she brought one of those too. Amazing.

The after-work athlete

After the 9-to-5 grind she just keeps on keepin’ on. She grabs her sneakers from underneath her desk and drives to the park, or heads home and starts running around the neighborhood before she even goes in the house.  For her, momentum is key, so she resists the urge to kick back and catch up on social media; she puts her head and her phone down until she gets her run done. #cantstopwontstop.

The night owl
Whether she runs outside in the summer or hits the treadmill in the darker months, this girl gets a second wind at night. For her, running is as much a part of her bedtime routine as brushing her teeth. It helps her unwind from the day without leaving her wired and she falls right asleep with a few miles under her belt. No nighttime warm milk needed for her (but morning coffee is non-negotiable).

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The weekend warrior

She’s a busy lady. No seriously, she is busy. She logs crazy hours at her job, takes care of her kids, runs her household, volunteers, and there is literally no time for “me time” until the weekend rolls around.  But that’s okay, she more than makes up for it with long runs and double sessions. And hopefully a long pour of wine and a double scoop of ice cream—she’s earned it!