6 Tips On Packing Your Running Gear For Vacation

These are the essentials you need to run while you travel!

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Last week I was on an Alaskan cruise and shared why I run on vacation. If you want to exercise on vacation I have some tips to pack your gear. Leave your own tips on Facebook and Twitter so we can all become expert vacation runners!

6 Tips to Pack Your Running Gear for Vacation

  1. Don’t Stink! Put dryer sheets in your running shoes so they don’t stink up the rest of your clothes. I stick a few in my shoes and then stuff some socks in there to save space in my suitcase.
  2. Gear Bag. Keep your watch, ipod, sunglasses and other small essentials in a gallon size plastic bag. This is a good habit to get into for race day too! I write everything that should be in the bag right on it with a sharpie, so I know right away if anything is missing.
  3. Weather or not. Check the weather and pack appropriate running gear. Your vacation locale might have very different weather from home. Make sure you pack the correct gear for the climate.
  4. Sunblock. If you are just bringing a carry-on bag, make sure you have travel sized sunblock in your toiletries bag too.
  5. Sweaty gear solved. Bring a plastic bag for your post-run sweaty gear.
  6. Must haves only. We can sometimes collect a lot of fun running gear and gadgets. But try to keep it to the basics when you travel. Only pack the things you must have to workout.

More than anything I suggest you make it as easy as possible for you to pack and plan a workout on your vacation. Here’s to traveling through life on foot!

Question: Do you have any travel tips to share?