5 Things Women’s Running Loved This Week

Here it is: our weekly installment of our favorite things this week. #TeamWR had a hard time choosing just five, and you may, too.

adidas UltraBOOST X, $180

These kicks were designed with a woman’s foot in mind—so much so that they don’t even come in a men’s version! The unique styling of the midsole hugs your foot like a compression sock, making them perfect for runners who struggle with blisters around their arch.” —Jessie Sebor, editor in chief

Pukka Organic Teas—’Love’, $7.50 box of 20 tea bags

This tea is the perfect way to unwind and relax. I love sipping it with a few pieces of dark chocolate in the afternoon. It’s the perfect way to take a moment just for ‘me.'” —Sarah Canney of Run Far Girl and #TeamWR contributor

125 Collection ‘Wake Up, Kick Ass, Be Kind, Repeat’ Candle, $35

“Over the past few years I have become a candle junkie. Not only does this candle smell good, but whenever I see it I get a total boost of motivation. They have some other great sayings, such as ‘Curves Are Beautiful’ that serve as great reminders to both love and treat yourself.” —Ashley Lauretta, freelance web editor

Pressed by Kind Mango Apple Chia Bar, $24.60 for 12-count box

“A tasty treat without the added junk. I like eating fruit but sometimes throwing an apple in my purse just leads to a bruised mess for a snack. With these bars I have a snack that has a natural sugar pick me up and easy to keep on hand anywhere. On occasion, I’ve even stuffed one in my hydration pack and eaten one as a mid long run snack!” —Dorothy Beal of Mile Posts and #TeamWR contributor

Snack Factory Peas and Carrots Veggie Sticks, Varies

“I grew up eating veggie sticks—it was mom’s way of keeping us from eating Cheetos. These peas and carrots ones are just the best; it’s perfect for a light snack in the afternoon!” —Caitlyn Pilkington, web editor