5 Things Women’s Running Loved This Week

#TeamWR has gotten together again to share our favorite products that we can't stop raving about. We think you'll find a new favorite.

Zevia Sparkling Water (Mandarin Orange), $6 for an 8-pack


“I wanted to be a huge fan of Zevia soda but the truth is, it was too hard on my stomach. That is, until I tried their new sparkling water! It tasted lighter and was not too sweet with the Stevia taste. The flavors were light enough to not be overwhelming but strong enough to make it a very pleasant afternoon pick-me-up. I bet mixed as your favorite cocktail would make it even better!” —Caitlyn Pilkington, web editor

Sanuk Yoga Sling, $38


“Perfect for after a long run, race or yoga class, the Sanuk Yoga Slings cradle your feet and give them the TLC they deserve after a tough workout. I love how light they are so I can toss them in my race bag (taking up no room) and put these on right after I cross the finish line. I love all the variety of styles, too! You can’t go wrong with any of the patterns.” —Fara Rosenzweig, freelance writer

2Toms Sports Shield, $13

sport shield

“I’ve been a Body Glide girl essentially since I started running. I’ve tried other brands and always came back to my old stand-by, but sometimes I still chafe and it makes me crazy not to mention it also hurts. I just assumed it was me until I tried this roll-on sport shield. It goes on clear, doesn’t leave clumps in my armpits after 10 miles and thus far, I haven’t chaffed while using it!” —Dorothy Beal, #TeamWR contributor and blogger at Mile Posts

adidas PureBoost X ATR Shoes, $130


“Last year, adidas became the first major running brand every to create a shoe specifically designed for a women’s foot (i.e., not an edit of a shoe originally designed with guy in mind). This season they’re updating the PureBoost with a grippy tread that works in all weather. I’m a sucker for anything made with adidas’ proprietary “Boost foam” (so springy), footwear in neutral colors (so cool) and any shoe that helps me from falling on my face (so many scars on my knees!).” —Jessie Sebor, editor in chief

WITTI Design BEDDI Smart Alarm Clock, $99

beddi alarm clock

“My husband and I are on very different sleep schedules, so the BEDDI smart alarm clock is a lifesaver for us. Not only can we both have our own individual alarms set on this one clock, we can gradually wake up to ambient light, if we choose. Also, the bluetooth speaker is great for when I want to listen to music while reading in bed and prefer better sound quality than my cell phone.” —Ashley Lauretta, freelance web editor