5 Things No One Ever Says After Running The Boston Marathon

The love for the race runs deep.

Photo by Byelikova Oksana /

The hay is in the barn as taper weeks begin for tens of thousands of Boston Marathon runners. Since you have taper time, here’s a little humor to take the edge off.

Here are the top five things no one has ever said after running the Boston Marathon:

  1. Time for hill repeats!
  1. That experience was definitely not worth the time and effort of qualifying. Lame.
  1. There is literally nothing I can think of that I would want to eat or drink right now.
  1. I’m never putting any of this on social media. I will be happy just knowing in my heart that I ran one of the most sought-after and iconic marathons in the world.
  1. I hope I never get to do that again. The whole experience was utterly forgettable and nothing I would ever want to tell my grandkids about.

If you have the privilege of running Boston this year, may the miles fly by and the celebration afterward pass slowly! Good luck and have a blast.


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