5 Reasons You Should Be Our Next Cover Runner

If you haven’t already entered yourself or nominated your best running bud, do it now!

Last year’s winner, Lindsey Hein, obviously had a great time being the star of our September issue.

If you haven’t already entered yourself or nominated your best running bud, do it now!

Well, the first is obvious: You will be on our 2016 January/February cover, aka the first issue of the new year! Here’s five other (totally awesome) things you probably didn’t realize about our cover runner contest:

1. You get an all-expense paid trip to San Diego for the cover shoot. And really, we love the fall and winter months the most in our little city by the ocean. Make a little vacay out of it—at least that’s what last year’s winner did!

2. You receive new running clothes. I mean, who doesn’t love a little new swag to go with a fresh year of running? What a grand way to kick off the best year of your life: your face on our cover and your runner bod in some sweet gear.

3. Bonus: You can nominate a friend this year! If you’re not feeling the contest for yourself but have a friend that would DIE to be on the cover of a magazine, nominate her! Can you say, best holiday present ever?

4. You can chill with Team WR—aka the team at Women’s Running magazine. Not to hoot our own horns or anything…but we definitely do want to flaunt this gorgeous place that is San Diego and take you around on a run while you’re here. Plus we love to eat, so there will be lunching and food involved, ‘course!

5. You get a 3-day Tour Pass to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series! This basically means you’re getting three free races in 2016. So make a list, check it twice and run three times at any of the famed Rock ‘n’ Roll locations across the globe. #sojelly

Oh, and also, submissions close on Sept. 28, so you don’t have that much time to do it! Get in early, get in often, and get on our cover!