5 Reasons Why Running Is The Best Way To See A New City

One runner shares the top reasons to use your two feet to explore a new city.


On a recent trip to Stockholm—my first time in the Swedish capital city—I booked myself onto a running tour with Stockholm Running Tours. I was excited to explore this foreign city, discover more about it’s history and chat with a local about the perfect cinnamon bun (it’s called Fabrique in case you ever visit).

If you’re training for a major running event and don’t want to derail your hard work while you travel, simply want to stay fit while on the road, or lace up just for the love of it, running is the perfect way to explore your new destination.

Act like a local

They say to really experience a city you have to live like a local, and what better way than to include your morning/evening run habit on your trip. Use Strava or MapMyRun, or ask your hotel concierge for a route, which will allow you to explore the area as the city’s runners do.

Travel further

You’ll cover more ground in the same time on your run than when walking around during the day. Depending on your pace, even with photo breaks, you’ll travel between 5­-6 miles in an hour.

Beat the crowds

Run first thing and you’ll have the tourist hot spots to yourself. Want that photo of Notre Dame in Paris without the hordes of tourists waiting to get in? If you’re there before 7 a.m. you’re guaranteed the perfect picture. Even more reason to set that early alarm!

Don’t waste time in the hotel gym, if you’re short on time in a new location getting your workout done as you explore is the perfect way to multi­task.

Give yourself time

You can stop, observe and take it all in; the sights, sounds and smells of this new place. Make notes on an interesting art gallery or shop as you run past to visit later, or dive into a cute cafe for your post­-run coffee or ice­ cream (you’re on vacation after all!). If you’re a runner at home, why would you not bring your kit of your adventures?