5 Old School Running Things That Still Exist Today

Thanks to technology some aspects of running have dramatically changed over the years. Here are some oldies but goodies that have stuck.

Back when I starting running there were no GPS watches, hardly any technical clothing and no social media support group. How did I survive those conditions? Easily and not so easily. There are certainly things I welcome—GPS and technical gear—and other things I wish would go away—constant comparisons on social media and ridiculous bling—but, there are quite a few old school running things that have stood the test of time.


Of course there have been changes in the way athletes train, eat and hydrate over the years but, some of the oldest advice is still the best:

Singlets (And Pins!)

Old school track styles have been making a comeback lately, mostly in terms of cool singlets.


Let’s also not forget that although there are a few alternatives (like belts and magnets), the vast majority of runners still pin their race numbers to their shirts!

The Waffle Shoe

Nike abandoned the old waffle iron long ago but, the traditional running shoe still has one foot (ha!) in the past in the way some of their soles are still crafted.

According to an article from Business Insider, “Four decades later, Nike is a global sneaker powerhouse with $28 billion in annual sales. And the company still makes Waffle Trainers.”


nike then


nike now


In the 70s it was Pre:


Today we have Droddy:


Patterned Running Tights

All the rage in the 90s, wild patterns on women’s running tights have made a comeback! Companies like Spandits and DanaLouFIT are bringing the fun back to running tights, capris and skirts with bold, colorful and slightly dizzying patterns to spice up any run.

patterned leggings

Let’s just hope the big hair trend stays back where it belongs.