5 Common Thoughts Every Runner Has During Their Run

We know you are thinking about what to have for dinner while on your run.

5 common thoughts every runner has

1) Have I really only been running for 10 minutes?

Like the hills we train on, running can be so up and down. Sometimes a casual run can feel like an eternity. As runners, we’ve all had those days where we use every ounce of motivation just to get out the door. And sometimes on this dreaded run, time just doesn’t seem to be on your side. In fact, it seems to stand still. You check your watch a few times and begin to wonder if you need a new battery. Two minutes feels like five on these runs, leaving you with only the thought of, how much longer…

2) I wonder what I’m going to eat after this…

You’re a mile and a half into your run and food has already crossed your mind. Whether you’re wondering what you’ll make for dinner or you’re dreaming about that leftover apple pie in the fridge, food sounds GREAT. It seems natural to think about it. Not only is food the fuel we use to power us through these runs, but after burning a ton of calories, there’s a certain reward in allowing ourselves to indulge.

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3) How pretty nature is.

Getting out for a run opens your eyes to some pretty remarkable things. Although the weather may not always be the most cooperative, there’s always something to look at. And nothing beats running on a beautiful day. As runners, the thought of breathing in crisp air as you watch the sun rise or set is so uplifting. It’s hard not to be surrounded by nature without thinking to yourself, “Wow, look how pretty that is.“

4) Planning the week ahead.

Whether you’re a planner or not, thinking of the list of things you have to accomplish for the week on your run is normal. Whether it’s what you have to pick up at the grocery store, what work you have to do for the week or even planning around your favorite TV show, your run grants you the time to do so.

5) Phew! Done for the day.

Maybe getting out for your run wasn’t the easiest or the most enjoyable. Maybe it was. Regardless there is no greater feeling than finishing up a run for the day. Feeling both accomplished and satisfied now that you’re done, go after that apple pie you’ve been waiting for.

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