420 Games Fun Run Held In LA To Debunk Marijuana Stereotypes

The games are looking to grow their "awareness" into other cities later this year.


Perhaps it’s fitting that the 420 Games, held in Los Angeles for the first time over the weekend, started 30 minutes late. Or it really depends on whom you ask—is it confirming a “lazy stoner” stereotype, or is it a welcomed tardiness among runners who also happen to enjoy pot?

“Typical stoners,” said winner Chris Barnacle, whom you might remember as the guy who finished in last place at the Olympic Trials Marathon, sporting a regular white T-shirt as he seemingly went for a jog. He got lost during the race but eventually found his way to the finish line first.

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According to the Los Angeles Times, the Saturday event was part of a larger effort to dismiss the “lazy stoner” stereotype, since the laws that govern recreational marijuana use are slowly relaxing nationwide. California is expected to be the fifth state to allow recreational marijuana later this year.

The fun run, which ran 4.2 miles along a bike path and started at a leisurely hour of 10 a.m., was the first time the 420 Games have been held in Los Angeles. Since 2014, the “games” have been held in San Francisco and have plans to expand to other cities like Portland, Denver and Seattle later this year.

Various vendors involved in the pot industry lined the event area to exchange information on the subject, but nothing was actually smoked or used from any of the vendors—at least not in an “official” event capacity.

“It’s 2016,” 31-year-old Mariana Vieira, a resident of Los Angeles and winner of the female race, said to the LA Times. “It’s a plant. It’s acceptable in this society for people to stuff their face with pills, but it’s a problem for me to smoke a plant?”

Whether you’re pro or anti weed, the concept of holding a “420 Games” to help debunk sometimes misguided myths about pot users is kind of a cool idea.