4 Ways To Give Back To The Running Community

Since running gives so much to us, we take a moment to highlight some of the ways we can give back to our community through running.

Running gives us so much, it seems only right to try and give a little back. Here are some great ideas—from simple to more complex—on how to donate time, money, services or goods to great running causes.


To fully appreciate how much it takes to organize and staff a race, every runner should volunteer at least once in their lifetime. Volunteers are always needed and sometimes you can even choose your course location or can be placed with a friend or family member to help pass the time.

Most volunteers walk away feeling motivated and inspired by the humanity they witness out on the course and want to run their own race. Some organizations even give incentives to volunteers, including lowered entry fees to future races or gear.

Run For A Cause

Whatever cause you want to bring awareness to and support, chances are you can raise money to run a race for your favorite charity. Some of the best known include the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Team in Training and DetermiNation.

Even if your favorite charity doesn’t have a race, you can always raise money on their behalf using an online tool like CrowdRise.

Donate Your Shoes And Clothing

If you think your running shoes are too beat up to donate, Nike would beg to differ. Through the brand’s Reuse-A-Shoe program, they take any brand of shoe and break down the materials to keep them out of landfills. You can find a store location to drop off your shoes, usually at a factory or employee store.

Have gently used or barely used running shoes? One World Running or Soles4Souls will be happy to take them.

Become A Mentor

Running is hard and learning all of the nuances that come with our sport can be even harder, causing a newbie to quit before they really get started. Offer advice though social media, sign up to lead a group run or start your own running program like CEO and Founder of Skirt Sports, Nicole DeBoom. No matter how long you have been running, your advice to someone just starting to run can be invaluable.


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