4 Quick Tips On How To Be Smart At The Gym

Remember, your first day in the gym is all about one thing: getting to your second day!


If you’re running on the road or treadmill, but going to the gym for your workout…here are four things to remember if you want to keep that New Year’s resolution without getting too over-zealous on your first day back:

1) Don’t max out on your first day. Assuming that you have had a long lapse or its your first time in the gym, lifting the most weight possible isn’t a good idea right out of the gate. Lay a foundation and build up first. Stay consistent and there will be plenty of time to test your limits.

WR Tip: Take a buddy who is at the same level as you and can keep you from overdoing it.

2) Don’t refuse the help of a personal trainer. Most gyms offer a complimentary session you can schedule on your first day working out. Do it! Yes, they may want to sell you sessions but most trainers also genuinely want your help! Plus a few PT sessions can put you on the right track toward your goals.

WR Tip: Bring questions to ask the trainer about your current routines.

3) Don’t copy the routine of the gal who looks the way you want to look. We are all created differently. The most “toned” does always equal the most fit or the most knowledgeable about what works for your current fitness level. We are all different and need to find a routine that fits our genetics and goals.

WR Tip: Go into the gym with your own training or workout plan instead of no plan at all.

4) Don’t let a trainer push you to the puking point. If you decide to do a training session, remember you are in control. A very small percentage of fitness professionals will try to push you too much. Know your body and your first-day limits.

WR Tip: Communicate your current relationship status with running and working out with the trainer, and don’t be shy about taking water breaks!

Joseph Phillips is a personal trainer and co-founder of HEAT Running. HEAT Running is the first truly competitive and social running app available—providing virtual races in which people can compete with other runners. With HEAT Running, you can race runners in your class from across the globe or run against a ghost representation of your best run time for a specific race.