30 Thoughts Runners Have When Home For The Holidays

There is no place like home for the holidays. Here's what you can expect to think—and feel—when running the roads where you grew up.


As the classic song says, there’s no place like home for the holidays. This is such a special time of year, and being at home with family and friends makes it that much sweeter.

For runners, going home is amazing, but it can also be a mix of emotions, from excitement to run your old trails or eat your favorite holiday foods, to total dread at the thought of missing out of your workouts (or having to do them at all), to dealing with that one relative who just doesn’t understand “your whole running thing.”

If you’re a runner, before you travel this year, prepare yourself by reading these 30 thoughts you can expect to have when you’re home for the holidays.

  1. Time to head home. Better pack all my leggings and sports bras, I know I’m going to stick to all my workouts even while I’m away.
  2. Home sweet home! It’s so good to get away and just relax with my family. But I’m totally going to sneak out for a run every day.
  3. Oh awesome, all my old friends are home this week too. I can’t wait to meet up with everybody at the bar tonight.  We’ll probably hit the diner afterwards, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those amazing cheeseburgers we used to get.
  4. Why? Why did I go out last night? I do not have the energy of a high schooler anymore. And I definitely don’t have the stomach of one. That greasy ball of meat and cheese is going to ruin my day.
  5. Yeah a run is so not going to happen today. That burger has set up shop in my stomach. Tomorrow it is.
  6. Alright, up and at ‘em, time to work ou-oh man, Mom is making cookies and gingerbreadddd. I have to get in on this. I’ll totally run right after.
  7. Why did I eat so much cookie dough? Now I’ve got total gingerbread belly. One more day off won’t kill me.
  8. Today’s the day. This couch is developing a permanent imprint of my butt.
  9. Right after this Christmas movie marathon. There’s only five more to go.
  10. Okay I am running out of excuses. I’ve been living in leggings and sports bras all week, literally all I have to do is put on my sneakers and walk out the door.
  11. Okay! Walked out the door!
  12. Walking back in the door. Damn, it’s cold.
  13. Two more layers on, ready to go. Time to hit my old cross country route.
  14. This is so much fun! Why did I wait all week to do this? I’m getting so many flashbacks to high school. There’s the spot where I took the lead in that once race, and there’s that stupid tree root I wiped out on during practice in front of everybody. Man, high school was an emotional roller coaster.
  15. Should I finish up with some sprints on the old high school track? I’ll show the kids what their future looks like if they practice hard enough, give them a thrill.
  16. Wow these kids are young.
  17. Or I am very old.
  18. No, they are definitely just young.
  19. And way faster than me….
  20. I’m just tired after all those amazing miles I ran. No need to show off for the kids. Time to head home.
  21. Ok! Family party time. I’m wiped out after that run, that cold weather kicked my ass. I don’t think I have it in me to get all dressed up…I wonder if anyone will notice if I pass off my workout leggings as sleek holiday pants?
  22. Oh hello there, Mom’s famous apple pie. Nice to see you, Uncle Jim’s  amazing fried chicken. Goodbye, all the calories I burned during my run.
  23. Yes, Great Aunt Mary, I still run. Yes, my knees are fine. Yes, I drink enough milk to keep my bones strong.
  24. Hey cousin Janie, how do you like running track this year? I remember when I was on the team and I…a  six minute mile, you say? What is with you high school kids??
  25. Last day here. Maybe I should go for one more run before OOO PRESENTS. LET’S OPEN PRESENTS.
  26. Awww, a stocking full of gels and energy bars! You guys really get me.
  27. And a…hot pink tee shirt that says “run like the wind!” Super cool Mom, thanks…
  28. Time to go back. Not sure where the time went, but I definitely didn’t spend it working out.
  29. That’s ok though! I deserved a little time off, and I’m actually dying for a green juice and a sweaty ten miles the second I get back.
  30. But maybe I’ll just pack a couple dozen sugar cookies. You know, for the ride home.