3 Words To Describe New Goals This Year

Team WR shares what the new year means to 3 words or less.

New Goals

Describe what the new year means to you in three words.

Excitement for (the) future!
Jessica Sebor, Editor-in-Chief

Lucky black-eyed peas!
Nicki Miller, Managing Editor

Hello, Boston Marathon!
Caitlyn Pilkington, Web Editor

Maybe a ring?
Erin Douglas, Art Director

Must start training.
Nicole Christenson, Manager, Media Marketing

Adventurous European honeymoon.
Joseph Hernandez, Web Developer

Vincere vel mori. (Conquer or die.)
Jeff McDowell, Manager, Media Sales

Fresh new start.
Liz Centeno-Vera, Manager, Partnership Development

Go Team USA!
Tracy Sundlun, Senior Vice President, Events, Competitor Group