25 Thoughts All Runners Have On A Group Run

Running doesn't have to be a solo sport—finding a group to run with can make logging the miles more fun.


While running is typically a solo sport, there are times when it can get a bit lonely and you seek out a running buddy. If that goes well, you may consider joining a running group. While the excitement of meeting a bunch of new running buddies at once can be very motivating, it can also be a little nerve-wracking. How far will we run? What if I can’t keep up? What if no one wants to run with me? If you’ve ever been brave enough to join a running group, you’ve probably had an inner monologue that goes something like this:

  1. This is going to be so fun! Look at all these runners! We’re going to run together, encourage each other, and talk about our hopes and dreams. I’m probably going to make at least five lifelong friends today.
  2. Or hopefully we at least talk about favorite TV shows and I find someone with the same DVR lineup as me.
  3. Sooooo how does this work exactly? Is there a team captain or something? How do we know where to go? Who decides when we start run—OMG we’re running!
  4. Ok, so it’s kind of like a race? But it’s not a race. We’re all here for each other, not to win!
  5. But I really don’t want to be in last place. Not that there are places.
  6. Alright, people seem to be pairing off. Gotta find my pace soulmate.
  7. I think I could keep up with that girl over there. Time to make my move.
  8. Hey girl, wanna… ok you’re sprinting, you are literally sprinting away from me.
  9. Why join a group run if you’re just going to sprint away from everyone? Jeez.
  10. Ok maybe I’ll sidle up to that girl. She looks fast, but maybe she’ll push me?
  11. Can.not.breathe.
  12. Maybe her? She looks a little more laid back.
  13. Come on, we’re barely power-walking here. Pick up the pace.
  14. That girl is too fast, that girl is too slow, but no one is just right.
  15. Who am I, Goldilocks?
  16. Do we do like a group brunch thing after this? I really hope so, that was half my motivation for joining this group.
  17. Mimosas. Mmmm.
  18. How far are we running here? Did I miss the announcements at the beginning?
  19. I have got to find people to run with or I might as well have stayed home and had a lonely run on my lonely treadmill.
  20. Hey those girls over there look like they’re going at my pace. Could it be?!
  21. This is magic. I’m comfortable but running kind of hard—the running sweet spot!
  22. Do I try to talk to them? What if they run away?
  23. Like, actually run away. It could happen.
  24. Omg we’re talking… they are so nice… and we’re going to get brunch after!
  25. Best. Run. Ever.

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