A 2014 Look At #TeamWR: YOU!

We crunched the website numbers to take a snapshot of who and where our biggest fans were in 2014.


As the sun rises, runners make their way to Golden Gate Park where they'll encounter more hilly terrain.

It’s a brand-new year, and we crunched the website numbers to take a snapshot of who and where our biggest fans were in 2014. Here’s what we found out:

Did you know that 20 percent of our audience is male? That’s right, ladies—dudes also peruse our site…especially around mid-December, when numbers increased surrounding our Holiday Gift Guide. How cute!

Nearly 20 percent of you are running through your 50s and beyond—way to go! Keep up with the latest in 2015 be subscribing to our newsletter on our homepage.

You runners loved the movies and watching television almost as much as you loved dabbling in health, sports and WR. Must be all those recovery days in between races!

All of you WR fans loved keeping track of the weather last year—no surprise there! 😉 For those in colder climates this winter, NYC Running Mama has some great gear picks. For runners living in manageable (but still chilly) temps, check out T-Rex Runner’s list of warm(er) apparel.

The United States loved us the most in 2014, but Great Britain and Canada clicked to a close tie for second on Australia came in fourth!

We experienced some serious California lovin’ from all you West Coast runners who flipped through the site nearly twice as much as second-place Texas. The Lone Star State barely edged out New York and Florida for runner-up—all three lovely states were frequent flyers in 2014. Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia, Massachusetts, Ohio and North Carolina rounded out the full top-10 state list.

Our home base, San Diego, came in seventh on a list of cities that frequented the site most last year, and California had three cities in the top 10. The top visiting city? New York!