20 Thoughts Runners Have When Buying Expensive Gear

Sometimes, we have to justify those gear purchases to ourselves because while running is free, our gear most definitely is not.


We runners are fiercely committed to our sport. We’ll sacrifice late nights out for long weekend runs and pass on pizza for healthier fuel (most of the time, anyway). And when it comes to our gear, we spare no expense on shoes or watches to keep us running at our best. But that doesn’t mean those high price tags are easy to swallow; in fact, most of us have probably had the following inner monologue when justifying a particularly big purchase. Because while running may be priceless, some of our gear is most definitely not.

  1. Ok, today’s the day. I can’t put it off anymore, I have to go to the store and get new sneakers and a watch. My shoes have a hole and my GPS keeps telling me I’m fifty miles from home as soon as I walk out the door.
  2. Alright, lots of options here. I’m sure there has to be a few affordable choices. This watch looks nice!
  3. How many zeros is that??
  4. Is there a payment plan or something?
  5. Ok, so I get a second job, no big deal. Hey maybe I could work at this store. I wonder what the employee discount looks like…
  6. Alright, I will totally wear this watch with everything. It clearly compliments my entire work wardrobe and will probably look great with a cocktail dress too. And sneakers obviously go with everything so I’m basically saving money by not having to buy any other shoes.
  7. Do not think about what you could buy with this money. Don’t do it. Car payment…groceries for two weeks…coffee for a year…I SAID DON’T DO IT.
  8. Don’t they say that if you give up your daily latte you could be a millionaire in ten years or something like that? I don’t even drink lattes so I must be able to afford this.
  9. Why is running so expensive? It’s literally the most uncomplicated sport. It’s not like I need a horse or a bobsled here.
  10. Forget this. I’m fine with the sneakers I have now.
  11. Ugh no, I have that big charity race coming up. If I keep training in the sneakers I have I will break an ankle and I’m pretty sure I won’t raise any money if I can’t actually run the race.
  12. Maybe I should hold a charity race to raise money to afford this stuff.
  13. I bet if I figure out the cost per wear I’ll feel better. Let’s see, a hundred and fifty bucks divided by three miles a day times seven days minus two off days plus one long run equals….the hardest math ever.
  14. Oh no, back off, Mr. Salesman. Can you not see me sweating here? I am clearly not your target customer for that expensive watch you’re peddling.
  15. Blah. Alright. Time to bite the bullet. This is what credit card limits are for, amiright?
  16. So I’ll just go middle-of-the-road. Not too expensive I can’t send my kids to college, not too cheap the stuff falls apart before I make it around the block. A fiscally responsible compromise! I am such a grown up.
  17. Time to pay. Just keep it quick and painless, Miss Cashier. Don’t make this any harder on me than it already is.
  18. A store credit card? 20% off my first order, you say?
  20. There. Done. Time to go home and-ooo a sale on capris!

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