20 Thoughts All Pregnant Runners Will Understand

If you are now (or ever have) been running while pregnant, chances are these are the thoughts you have while out for a run.


When you’re pregnant, it’s easy to let all your thoughts be consumed by your changing body. It can feel overwhelming when your emotions, your physical discomforts, and your raging appetite and/or unrelenting nausea take center stage.

So even when you’re able to push all that aside and make it out the door for a run (which is pretty freaking amazing BTW), your thoughts are still very likely to drift to the absolute craziness that is pregnancy and the “special” moments that come along with pregnant running. If you’ve ever experienced running with a baby on board, odds are your thoughts went a little something like this:

  1. Man, I am pretty awesome. Exhausted, hungry, sore and sick, all at the same time and I’m still out running? Just call me Superwoman, thank you very much.
  2. Also maybe call me a cab. How am I this tired already?
  3. Just gotta get through the first mile, that’s when the endorphins will kick in.
  4. Actually just gotta find a bathroom and then I’m all about that first mile.
  5. Well this sports bra is officially doing nothing for me. Note to self: go shopping for industrial-strength bras ASAP.
  6. Ok, starting to feel good. I feel human again! Pregnant, shmegnant, nothing’s gonna stop this runner!
  7. Except maybe these non-stop kicks to the ribs I’m feeling. Cool it kid, Mommy’s trying to run here.
  8. Oh hello there passerby, I see you checking me out. Admiring my form, are you? I guess I’ve still got it!
  9. Ok now you’re just staring. Rude much? Yes, I’m pregnant. Yes, I’m running. Yes, my doctor said it’s fine. No, it’s none of your business.
  10. Sure could use another bathroom right about now.
  11. Ugh I kind of want to puke. But also eat a cheeseburger.
  12. Where are all the bathrooms?
  13. Ahhh, that breeze feels amazing. Oh wait, it’s just the air on my bare stomach because my shirt is riding up.
  14. I swear this shirt fit last week. Now it’s basically a crop top. I might as well just run in my ill-fitting sports bra. Now that would get some looks.
  15. Seriously, not even a Porta potty?
  16. This calls for a walking break. More like a waddling break. Whatever, between the back pain and the sciatica and leg cramps, I don’t just deserve a walking break, I deserve a freaking police escort.
  17. Aw look at that cute dog. He’s so sweet! I just want to give him a hug and pat him and adopt him and why am I getting so emotional over this dog??
  19. Ugh that garbage stinks. Why can I smell everything?  Oh no, I’m definitely going to puke. Where is that &@%$# bathroom???
  20. I made it! Home sweet home! I really AM Superwoman! Now get outta my way, Superwoman needs to use the restroom.