20 Things That Only Runners Know To Be True

We love our non-running friends, but there are some things about us they will never understand—especially these 20 things.

We runners are a unique bunch. We often do things people don’t understand and eat things that many would assume are for babies or astronauts, but we take pride in being part of a unique tribe of people that are committed to being our best selves.

Here are 20 things that we as runners know to be true:

  1. All of the public restrooms that are accessible on your favorite routes…
  2. …but if you can’t find a bathroom and you really have to go, you know the best bushes to hide behind for that too.
  3. Weekends aren’t for partying, they are for long runs.
  4. Budgeting time and money for races is as essential as budgeting time and money for groceries.
  5. You’ve made it as a runner when you have a story about your toenails falling off.
  6. There are few things in life more frustrating than waiting for a Garmin signal at the beginning of a run.
  7. The first two miles of any run are always the worst.
  8. t’s okay to stop at traffic lights; it’s really not necessary to jog in place.
  9. You poop before you leave your house on race day. No questions asked.
  10. Porta potties near the starting line and during the first two miles of the race will contain the foulest sights and odors you’ve ever experienced.
  11. Running clothes always take priority on laundry day; jeans can be worn twice, smelly gear cannot.
  12. The little nod of approval you give/get when running by another runner you cross paths with is everything.
  13. Cyclists and pedestrians exist to make our lives more complicated.
  14. There’s always time for a run.
  15. No matter how you’re feeling when you go out for a run, you’ll be better when you return.
  16. Having a lacrosse ball is essential (even though you never have nor ever will play the sport).
  17. An ice bath after a run is best when taken with hot toddy in hand.
  18. Running is far more mental than physical and pushing past perceived limits is the power of the sport.
  19. You are strongest and most empowered when crushing a speed workout.
  20. It takes heart to be a runner and no matter how much you cursed and moaned during your race, the minute you cross the finish line you are already planning for what’s next!