20 Signs You Know You’re A Runner

Can you relate to our list of signs you know you're a runner? We dare you not to chuckle a little over these well-known truths!

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You know you’re a runner if. . .

20. While driving down the road, you spot a runner on a sidewalk and immediately guess her pace to see if she’s a potential run buddy.
19. You substitute GU when you run out of jelly for your PB&J sandwich.
18. Your idea of a fun friday night is mapping out a new route for your weekend long run.
17. When friends tell you they’re going to P.R. on vacation, you automatically think they’re going to set a new race record instead of going to Puerto Rico.
16. You can say the term Fartlek without laughing (and you know what it means!).
15. You know splits aren’t really related to gymnastic ability at all.
14. You have shoes for road running, trail running, racing, running in the rain, and possibly even mud running (not to be confused with sneakers you might run errands in).
13. You own more sports bras than regular bras.
12. You know the exact mark of a mile in any direction from your front door.
11. Your friends automatically include, “How far are you running?” when they inquire about your weekend plans.
10. You only wear dark purple or black toenail polish to cover up your runner’s nails.
9. Your laundry includes more workout gear than regular clothes.
8. You run past the speed monitoring signs as fast as you can, hoping to register your speed on the screen.
7. You have enough race t-shirts to outfit 25 families of four.
6. You don’t buy frozen peas to eat, but to use as ice bags for soothing achey muscles.
5. Race fees are accounted for in your monthly budget.
4. You know how to pronounce the word quinoa and understand its protein ranking amongst all other grains.
3. You swear this is your last race of a particular distance until you reach the finish line, where you proceed to sign up for another one at the post-race party.
2. You know the IT Band has nothing to do with the technology department at work and it certainly doesn’t play any music.

And finally, you know you’re a runner if. . .

1. You can’t wait for the next issue of Women’s Running Magazine to arrive and your devour it the seconds it hits your mailbox!

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