15 Times Running Literally Sucked The Life Out Of You

We have all had runs that almost make us vow never to run again and humble us beyond belief.

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*Courtesy of RunHaven

Most of us love to run not just for the challenge, but because of how it makes us feel. We finish a race or a long run with sheer accomplishment and pride pumping through our veins. Conversely, we have all had runs that almost make us vow never to run again and humble us beyond belief. Below are 15 times running might have literally sucked the life out of you.

  1. When you are running a marathon and take a wrong turn and end up going two extra miles.
  2. When you start at the beginning of the pack in a race even though your pace is two minutes slower per mile than those runners. By Mile 1, you are out of steam.
  3. When you eat and drink too much rich stuff the night before a long run and have to use Mother Nature’s facilities about every mile the next day.
  4. When your 8-year-old begs you to do a 5K with him or her and whines for 45 minutes straight.
  5. When you show up to the start line of a marathon and haven’t done a training run longer than 10 miles.
  6. When you are at Mile 2 of a half marathon and realize your nipples are chafing and bleeding.
  7. When you start a 10-mile out-and-back long run with the wind in your face. You know you will have a tailwind on the way home. But as you turn around, the wind becomes stronger and changes direction 180 degrees.
  8. When you arrive at the start line for your marathon, go to change your shoes and realize you brought the wrong pair.
  9. When you start your race with no period and end your race a saturated mess.
  10. When you bring your two kids in the jogging stroller for a six-mile run and they cry, whine and scream for 5.8 miles.
  11. When you start out on a long run and realize halfway that you forgot to bring any fuel. You hit the wall and have to call someone for a pussy pickup.
  12. When your Garmin dies, your iPod battery runs out and you still have 10 miles to go.
  13. When race-day weather called for 60 degrees and mostly cloudy, but turned into 85 degrees and extremely sunny and humid.
  14. When you show up to the start line of your race hung-over. You know most people puke at the finish line, but you just might do it throughout the course.
  15. When you get passed by the guy in the damn gorilla costume and for the life of you, you cannot keep up with that hairy beast.

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