15 Things Mother Runners Totally Understand

If you're a runner and mom, you'll relate to these 15 signs you're a full-fledged mother runner.

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Mother runners. Stroller moms. Mommy joggers. Moms on the run. Whatever you call them, running moms are a special breed. They train just as hard as everyone else but have the added challenges of fitting their workouts in around their kids’ schedules or bringing a child (or children) along. If you’re a runner, and you’re a mom, you probably recognize some of these signs that you’re a full-fledged mother runner:

  1. You don’t know what to do with your hands when you’re running without a stroller.
  2. Your mid-run fuel is whatever snack you threw in the stroller basket—most likely Goldfish crackers and apple juice.
  3. You appreciate the distraction of a game of “I Spy” during a tough run as much as your kids do.
  4. You have superior lung capacity from shushing babies, singing to toddlers and chatting with older kids while running.
  5. You’ve run five miles by repeating the same half mile loop around the neighborhood, just so you wouldn’t be stranded far from home in case of a tantrum or meltdown.
  6. You’ve traded headphones for a portable speaker because your kids whine when they can’t hear the music too.
  7. You have weird tan lines—not from your tank top but from your kids applying your sunscreen for you. Hey, it’s the only way they’ll agree to let you put it on them first.
  8. You know exactly how many verses of “The Wheels on the Bus” are in one mile.
  9. You never have to do upper body workouts because your arms and abs are already toned from pushing an extra 30 pounds.
  10. You get unreasonably excited when you find a stroller accessory with enough room for your water and keys plus snacks, drinks, sunscreen, diapers, wipes, books and toys for the kids.
  11. Your life is all about leggings—running leggings, school pickup leggings, leggings that can go from running to school pickup, cute-enough-for-the-gym leggings, baby-food-stained-only-for-the-home-treadmill leggings…
  12. You think ice cold chocolate milk is the perfect recovery drink.
  13. You have two different paces and PRs—one with a stroller and one without.
  14. You get really lonely when you don’t have a kid to push or ride a bike beside you.
  15. You have to seriously debate if you should upgrade your GPS watch or your stroller when you have a little extra spending money.

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