10 Workout Songs You May Recognize From Recent Commercials

Each of these 10 songs was featured in a recent commercial—and all are worthy workout playlist adds.

As Seen On TV

While scoring a commercial, companies generally take one of two approaches. Sometimes, they’ll use a lesser-known track or artist to provide atmosphere without the associations an audience might have with a better-known tune. Alternatively, a brand may want to leverage the existing relationship folks have with a certain song, laying out the big bucks for a recognizable hit. We’ve compiled a playlist below featuring uptempo examples of both, which you can put to use during your next run.

Starting with the more obscure tracks, there’s a song by The Knocks which lives up to its title, an ode to self-reliance from Kid Cudi and a free-spirited duet from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. On the big hit front, you’ll find one of many licensing uses of Imagine Dragons’ smash “Believer,” an aptly-title workout track from Sia and an immortal slab of hard rock from Whitesnake. Finally, no list of music in commercials would be complete without an inclusion from Apple—as it might be the only company as consistently likely to borrow a hit as it is to create one with their ads. In this case, they’re represented by a song featuring one of the most memorable intros of all time, courtesy of AC/DC.

Whether you personally favor timeless tracks, new tunes or a few of each, the list below should have you covered. And, in case you’re wondering where you last heard them, each song is listed beneath the name of the company that recently featured it in a marketing campaign. Give the list a look, find the accompaniment that suits your routine and get in motion.


The Knocks & Powers – Classic – 102 BPM


Imagine Dragons – Believer – 125 BPM


Kid Cudi & Pharrell Williams – Surfin’ – 130 BPM


AC/DC – Thunderstruck – 133 BPM


Sia – Move Your Body (Single Mix) – 128 BPM


Whitesnake – Here I Go Again – 91 BPM


Beck – Dreams – 114 BPM


Aerosmith – Walk This Way – 109 BPM

Estee Lauder

Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are – 109 BPM


Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – Home – 113 BPM

To find more workout songs, folks can check out the free database at Run Hundred. Visitors can browse song selections there by genre, tempo and era to find the music that best fits their particular workout routines.


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