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10 Ways To Celebrate National Running Day

Celebrate with a $5 6-month subscription to Women's Running—and nine other ways to celebrate too!

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Happy National Running Day! A day to celebrate runners, running and runners running. A time to applaud non-runners that support runners and runners who convince non-runners to run, etc. etc. Basically–it’s an unofficial party day for runners.

As a runner, your email, FB feed, text messages and general surfing of the web will be inundated with all things running for an entire day. As a community, we get this one day to celebrate our love for the sport louder and prouder than the other 364 days of the year. How are you jumping up and down about running today? Here are our top-10 ways to celebrate our favorite national (non)holiday:

1. Get a 6-month subscription to Women’s Running for $5! To put it into perspective:

  • This is the same price as your morning cup o’ Starbucks—it just lasts way longer (and probably includes ways to run off those cals).
  • This means you’re getting one training plan per month for six months for $1! That’s coins found in your couch.
  • This 6-month subscription has you set through the rest of the year with endless content on running, gear, training and stories about other runners doing amazing things.

2. Register for a race. What a perfect excuse to hoard a few registrations to last you through the rest of 2015. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is offering a sweet discount for NRD—so go ahead and clear your calendar. Commit. We dare you—mostly because the WR staff will be hanging out at some of the events, and we would love to run with you!

3. Go out for a run. Oh hey, National Running Day! I’m celebrating you by clocking some miles, pounding some trail and probably posting a photo on Instagram later with hashtag #NationalRunningDay and tagging @WomensRunningMagazine.

4. Recruit a non-runner to run. Be gentle with them. You don’t want to cause any injuries by coaxing them into a 10-mile tempo run. Everyone has that one friend that wants to start but doesn’t know how or when. Give them a when and show them a how after work today.

5. Map out a new route. You’ve been procrastinating on throwing some new flair into your vanilla morning route around your house. Design a new loop or drive to a new starting point. Refresh that same ol’ scenery you’ve been staring at for the last 6 months. It will definitely create a new pep in your step.

6. Tell someone #whyrunningrocks. “But why do you run?” Although the data reflects a rapid increase in the half-marathon population and overall presence of runners in this country, some people are still perplexed with our desire to voluntarily ruin our weekends by getting up before dawn to run 13.1 miles and be sore for the next week. (Sounds insane, right?) Instead of shrugging off their obvious ignorance—um, because it’s amazing, duh!—give an honest answer. Seriously—why does running rock? Bonus points if you share your reason with the Twitterverse.

7. Wash your running clothes. We don’t want to be presumptuous, but we kind of know that you’ve been wearing the same pair of shorts and sports bra for the last week. What better day to start with a freshly scented round of gear than this holiday?

8. Recover better. Foam rolling and self-massage for runners is like flossing—we all say we do it, but no one really does it as frequently as they claim. Give your hamstrings, calves, back, quads, glutes and everywhere else some extra love today. It hurts so good but will hopefully keep you out of a boot before next year’s NRD rolls around.

9. Ditch the GPS. Try removing your finger from the pulse of your pace and do a run without your trusty GPS device. It won’t derail your training, and, if you’re like me, you might actually come to enjoy the freedom from the chain around your wrist. (A tad dramatic, but you get the point.)

10. Purchase new running shoes. Even if you just got a shiny new pair of kicks, chances are high that your favorite brand is dishing out discounts for National Running Day. Stock up and make sure your closet is full for the rest of the year.

Bonus points for after NRD: Read the latest issue of Women’s Running while mapping out a new route on your phone with your non-running friend on hold, whom you just told why running rocks and recruited for your new run, and sitting butt-first on your foam roller as your GPS watch dies in the corner. Grab your fresh pair of clothes from the wash, including the brand-new pair of shoes you just purchased and absent-mindedly left on top of the washer before you tossed a load in, and step out the door for your first training run for that Rock ‘n’ Roll race you just signed up for. Whew!