10 Ridiculous Things That Totally Should Be Considered A Workout

For those days that you have to keep pushing back a 'real' workout, it would be nice if these things would count, instead.

Sometimes you are just too tired for a workout, you know? You said you were going to do it in the morning but you hit snooze like three times and then had to jump right in to the day’s to-do list. Then lunchtime came around but you were just SO HANGRY so the workout got pushed again. After work there was some unexpected traffic and then your best friend called and needed to go to happy hour (because sometimes it is a necessity). Then by time you got home it was 9 p.m. and you had a bit too much wine to count as proper hydration for the workout and well, you are tired. So you say you’ll try again tomorrow.

But, you know what? There are some things we do every week that should totally count as a workout. They may only last a few minutes, but they involve just enough muscle to make you want to sit down and recover for a few minutes. So without further ado, here are a few of those things that should totally count as a workout but unfortunately, don’t.

  1. Carrying seven bags of groceries in all at once (draped up and down both of your arms) to avoid making more than one trip to the car; good luck unlocking the door without the necessary blood flow that is being cut off from the bags.
  2. Running around the backyard trying to get your dog to come inside as he barks and chases the neighbor dog back and forth through the fence, always just slipping past your reach.
  3. Putting on a freshly laundered pair of jeans.
  4. Making one main course and two side dishes, all from separate recipes, while trying to make sure they are all done cooking at the same time (also known as running frantically around the kitchen like a chicken with your head cut off).
  5. Scrubbing the bathtub after your new bath bomb (that was supposed to help you relax) dyed it a purplish hue.
  6. Anything having to do with young children (including the marathon bedtime story sessions).
  7. Balancing the five different cups of coffee your coworkers requested when you mentioned you were walking down the street for some fresh air and a fresh cup.
  8. Walking in a pair of heels (of any height) after you’ve only been wearing running shoes because: marathon training.
  9. Holding both dogs and newly-mobile children back from escaping out the front door as you try to precariously sign the delivery receipt and carry in three large boxes because it’s pizza night.
  10. Trying that new braid you saw on Pinterest that looked so easy when they did it while taking frequent breaks because your arms hurt after holding them in the air for so long.