10 Signs That Your Toddler Was Born To Be A Runner

Do you have a future elite runner on your hands? Here are a few signs that your toddler is gearing up to toe a start line.

Toddler Running

Kids usually look up to their parents. So what are some signs that your toddler is bound to be a runner, just like you? You just might have a future elite on your hands when…

  1. Your toddler starts doing sprints down the hallway. Gotta get that speed work in, you know.
  2. Every time you go to the front door, your toddler asks if you are going for a run and if he or she can go in the jogging stroller.
  3. You get home from a run and your toddler starts stretching with you.
  4. Your toddler bolts for the street every time you turn your head. NOT GOOD!
  5. He or she freaks out when you change the channel away from the live coverage of New York City Marathon.
  6. Your toddler can’t keep his or her hands off your running medals.
  7. When you go to the park, your toddler always wants to race you to the swings.
  8. From Goldfish to PB&J sandwiches, your toddler loves to carbo-load.
  9. You catch your toddler walking though the house with your running gear on (shoes, headband, etc.).
  10. Your toddler talks about how he or she is going out to run a half marathon.

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