10 Signs You Have Another Runner In Your Workout Class

These LOL signs are just perfect for all of us who are just too familiar with the struggle.

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In the frigid months of winter, there are plenty of runners who bundle up and head outdoors for their workout. But even the most badass runner needs a break from the cold once in a while, and that’s when they turn to a class at the gym. Since most runners prefer the sidewalk to the studio and aren’t exactly known for their cross-training, they might seem a little out of place when attempting a group workout. Here are the top ten signs you’ve got a runner in your class:

1. She looks confused when the instructor says to jog in place.

2. She asks how many burpees equal one mile.

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3. She pauses halfway through the workout trying to figure out how to calculate splits.

4. She asks the person next to her what their PR is in this class.

5. She gets overly excited when she asks where the porta potty is and finds out there’s an actual bathroom.

6. She struggles to put a boxing glove over her GPS watch.

7. She misses half the warmup because she’s busy checking out everyone’s sneakers.

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8. She moves into downward dog and a gel falls out of her sports bra.

9. She’s wearing a tee shirt from the last race she ran and a sweat-proof headband in her hair.

10. She asks where the free bagels and bananas are after class.