10 Signs You Are So Over Winter Running

Tired of running through cold weather? Yeah, us too.


Winter. We’re all sick of it. The cold, the snow, the daily layering—enough is enough. But the season is particularly dreary for runners. The majority of our workouts are spent outside and the winter weather can make running feel like a slow, cold crawl through wet cement. With still a few weeks to go before it’s officially spring and probably a few more before it’s actually warm, you are very likely so over winter running. Here are some of the telltale signs.

1. You treat yourself to new sneakers, not because they have too many miles on them, but because they are too crusted in road salt.

2. You suddenly have a passion for hot yoga as your main method of cross-training.

3. You have to go through the pockets of your running clothes before washing them to remove all the used tissues, hand warmers and chapsticks.

4. You unpack all your summer running shorts from storage and proceed to wear them over your winter leggings.

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5. You sign up for every warm-weather race you can find, even if you haven’t trained for the distance.

6. You go shopping for new gear and fill your cart with all things fluorescent, floral and sleeveless.

7. You buy new socks constantly because you ruin at least three pairs a week when you inevitably run through slush.

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8. You’re caught up on all your shows because you’ve spent so much time watching TV on the treadmill.

9. You’ve used your gym membership more in the past two months than during the entire rest of the year.

10. Your default website on your phone and computer is the local weather forecast.

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