10 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Run Solo

We went to our readers to find out why time alone on the roads is best.


When it comes to running, everyone has their own preference: with a group or solo? We went to our readers to find out what they love about logging miles alone on the roads. Here’s what you can get with some alone time on the run.

We asked: What’s the best part about going for a run by yourself?

Amanda Arnott: I can go where I want, when I want at a pace that suits me. I can listen to music or not; my choice. Running is ‘me’ time. No interruptions.

Arieta Madden: Best part of running alone is I can run as long as I want to with no barriers…any time of the day I just put on my trainers and away I go. It’s time to myself to sing and see nature when running through bush trails.

Branka Stevens: Just me, my own mind, my own body—the two of them having that dialogue—them becoming one at that moment. The runner’s high is the best feeling.

Suguna Jeganathan: My runs are usually early in the morning. It’s cooler and peaceful. The advantage of doing it alone is that I am able to listen to my body and pace myself accordingly. So I adjust for good days and bad days. I enjoy the quiet and I get to talk myself through the run with positive/challenging thoughts.

Patricia S. Dominguez: I get to think by myself, ask myself some real questions.. Cry. Walk.. Speed up. Slow down. I can just do me—whatever that is in that moment.

Trisha Hughes McCreary: You have time to think and clear your head. Plus, you can sing as loud as you’d like.

Anita Routh: When I talk out loud to myself, no one thinks I’m crazy.

Elizabeth Orona Delgado: No pressure to run faster.

Lisa Allen: Me time. Quiet contemplation. Developing my own strength.

Jessica Guittet-Roberts: Knowing that the run is purely self-satisfying, performing for myself and being myself.

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