10 Crazy Superstitions Of Runners Prior To Race Day

We will do anything to make sure race day is flawless, including a few odd routines that can make or break our mental game.

Runners are a quirky bunch of people, from the things we only do on the run to times of run rage to the superstitions we have. In order to shed light on our eccentricity, I asked my friends what running superstitions they have prior to a race or training run.

Here are the ten best:

  1. Never going for a run without putting Body Glide on your feet (to avoid blisters).
  2. Eating the same food before every race. (Their meal of choice? Lucky Charms. Really?)
  3. Never racing without having a tube of ChapStick (or else, you might as well kiss that PR buh-bye).
  4. Never wearing a race shirt from the race you are doing.
  5. Listening to “Eye of the Tiger” in the corral. (Get that song out of your head now!)
  6. Wearing two different colored socks (i.e., one red and one green).
  7. Pinning your bib on the night before and laying your clothes on the floor in the shape of a person (yes, socks, armband, and hat, too).
  8. Cleaning your race shoes prior to the race (or else, you will trip and break your ankle).
  9. Putting your clothes on in the same order every time (underwear, shorts, left sock, right sock, then shirt).
  10. Wearing the same underwear for every race. (Your race briefs have more holes than Swiss cheese.)

Have you done any of these things before a run or race? Have any to add? Tweet us at @WomensRunning and share!

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