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Holiday Gift Idea: Athens Marathon

Looking for an original gift idea for that super special someone? How about a trip for two to race the 2010 Athens Classic Marathon! Granted, it’s not a practical idea for every runner on your list, but a trip to Greece would make an ideal getaway for you and your significant other if you are both […]

Best of Port Macquarie

I promised to report back on a few of the highlights from my recent travel, training and racing adventure to Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia. I went there primarily to race the Ironman Australia triathlon, but also to experience this holiday spot’s euro-surf-vibe and quirky charm. I’d be far too long-winded if I described […]

Running Down Under

I have a confession to make. I’m a triathlete, and as such I embrace three sports with near equal gusto. But I’ll admit, the one I love the most is running. I sometimes feel that advocating one over the other in triathlon circles is akin to a parent admitting favoritism among their children – but […]