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Get Away to Run Some Mindful Miles

On these trips around the country (and world), saying “om” isn’t about hunkering down on a meditation pillow—it’s about logging mileage. First came the wellness retreat (meditation on the beach, anyone?), then came the run retreat (a getaway dedicated to miles). Now? Interest is growing among runners to support mileage in a way that’s not […]

Become a Six-Star Marathoner While Traveling the World

The World Marathon Majors aren’t just for the pros. If you’ve got a fresh pair of sneakers and a valid passport, you can run them all. Here’s how. Boston, New York, Berlin, London, Chicago, Tokyo: They’re not just exciting cities—they’re home to the world’s biggest, most prestigious marathons. Together, the races comprise the World Marathon […]

What It’s Like To Race Through Korea’s DMZ

In The Zone We stand together on the observation deck, where people are using coin-operated binoculars to look out at a gray, steel bridge. The structure, stretching across Korea’s Imjin River, is known as the Bridge of Freedom. It was once the place where Korean War soldiers returned from the north, but today it stands […]

How To Plan A DIY Running Retreat

You don’t need to spend beaucoup bucks to participate in a running retreat; you can build your own! Here’s how.