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For the Love of Running…

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’ve been thinking about how best to combine two loves: the love of running and our love for a significant other. Though there are several professional runner marriages (Ryan & Sarah Hall, and Adam & Kara Goucher, to name a few :)), running with a significant other can sometimes […]

Running With Buddies

It’s 6:00 am and your alarm clock is blaring, telling you to get out of bed for your morning run. Do you: A. get out of bed and hit the road solo? B. get out of bed and meet up with friends to run as a group? C. turn the alarm off and practice running […]

Half Crazy!

Make 13.1 your lucky number with our beginner and intermediate half marathon training programs. Thirteen miles is a long way to run! The half marathon is a distance to be respected. It requires a good deal of guts, practice and determination to make it over that finish line. The good news is that you can […]

Hard Core Training

It’s no secret. Most women have ab envy at some point. We are human (and female after all). It’s in our nature to see a six-pack stomach and immediately compare it to our own. While a toned stomach is certainly a worthy reward of core training, improving your running is a key benefit. The best […]

Energy- Let’s Save It!

If you’ve ever gotten to the last mile of a run and thought to yourself, “I’m so tired, I just want this to be done,” it’s time to tune in and read on. Paying attention to good form can help distract your mind from the task at hand. Before you know it, the last mile […]

Perfect 5k PR

Boundaries were meant to be broken! Here’s your personalized plan for shattering 30, 25 or 20 minutes in your next 5k.   Craving a 5k personal record? You got it, lady! The following three plans take the guesswork out of training. Whether you want to break 20, 25 or 30 minutes, these programs tell you […]

Let’s Get Down Dawg!

If you’re like many runners, you might feel guilty about taking a day off of running. Even though your rational side knows you should integrate cross training and rest days into your training regimen, it can be hard to quiet the voice inside telling you to go for another run. The fear of loosing your […]

Spread the Love

Make the running bug contagious! Use these reader-tested tactics to help motivate your friends and family to hit the streets. Wendy Toth, a 30-year-old runner from New York City, has a clear mental picture of her ideal Sunday morning: I’d go for a long weekend run with my boyfriend, and then we’d stop by a […]

On-the-Go Fitness

Paul Huddle, triathlon coach and author of “The Athletic-Minded Traveler” offers advice to maintain your fitness routine during business travels. As a business traveler, how can I keep my fitness routine on track away from home? It can be difficult to keep your fitness routine on track when you are away from home without the […]

Defensive Running

Lynne Marie Wanamaker, a National Women’s Martial Arts Federation-certified self-defense instructor, provides life-saving advice and strategies that every woman runner should know. As women, we should be able to run anywhere and at any time of day without thinking about our safety. Unfortunately, safety concerns are a reality in today’s society. If you’re planning to […]