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On-the-Go Fitness

Paul Huddle, triathlon coach and author of “The Athletic-Minded Traveler” offers advice to maintain your fitness routine during business travels. As a business traveler, how can I keep my fitness routine on track away from home? It can be difficult to keep your fitness routine on track when you are away from home without the […]

Defensive Running

Lynne Marie Wanamaker, a National Women’s Martial Arts Federation-certified self-defense instructor, provides life-saving advice and strategies that every woman runner should know. As women, we should be able to run anywhere and at any time of day without thinking about our safety. Unfortunately, safety concerns are a reality in today’s society. If you’re planning to […]

A Baby Bump in the Road

Pregnancy doesn’t mean a nine-month hiatus from running. Here’s how to run safely while expecting. If lounging with your feet up while eating pickles and ice cream isn’t your idea of a dream pregnancy, you’re in luck. As long as you have a doctor’s okay, know the warning signs of over-exertion, carry plenty of water […]

Beyond the Marathon

Ultras take long-distance running to a whole new level. Here’s what you need to know to tackle one of these extreme races. Remember when the idea of running a marathon seemed crazy? Then you completed one. You should think about ultras the same way. Ultras are defined as anything longer than the marathon distance (26.2 […]

Half the Battle

How to stay motivated during months of training for a successful race day. Running is both a physical and motivational challenge—requiring fitness, endurance and a solid plan of action. For many of us, the hardest part isn’t preparing our bodies for the race, but rather staying committed to months of training. The following advice will […]

Perfecting Your Form

Thomas Miller, Ph.D., explains how to refine your running technique. HOW WILL IMPROVING MY RUNNING TECHNIQUE IMPACT MY RUNNING? Improving your running technique even a fraction of a percent per stride can have a huge effect on your ability to run faster/longer, recover faster, have fewer injuries, and enjoy your running even more. Think about […]

The Benefits of Diversified Training

THIS MONTH’S TRAINING TIP SPONSORED BY Uniform running may result in injuries that will take a long time to heal. Cross-training will help you strengthen your weaknesses. For example, long runs are usually very strenuous, because your legs and feet are not used to repetitive and prolonged impact. But, a long run may be replaced […]

Why Listen to Your Body?

THIS MONTH’S TRAINING TIP SPONSORED BY Whether you want to train to improve your performance or simply lead a healthier lifestyle, the most effective way to do both is to listen to your body. Of course, if you have no way of understanding it, you have no way of knowing what it’s telling you. That’s […]

Hill Training 101

THIS MONTH’S TRAINING TIP SPONSORED BY Running on roads and level surfaces places a monotonous strain on your legs, and your muscles will not develop as optimally as on uneven terrain. Running on uneven terrain makes muscles develop more naturally, and the important oxygen uptake capacity is also developed. Uneven terrains are also gentler on […]

The Ins and Outs of Online Training

D3 Multisport Head Coach Mike Ricci tells us what to look for in an online training program—and how to maximize results. I’ve never followed an online training plan, how do they work? I’m also on a budget. How much do they cost? Online training plans offer a variety of options to fit the needs of […]