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Running In Hot Weather

Yesterday, runners racing at the 2012 Boston Marathon experienced unusually high temperatures. Though runners preparing for a marathon often meticulously plan everything from training, nutrition and race day clothing, environmental factors are out of our control and can sometimes throw a wrench in the best laid plans. In honor of Boston Marathon Monday and a […]

Tips For Running On Vacation

The real truth: Life is Hectic! Getting stuck in the stress of everyday life can take a toll on your well being. While we love the way running helps us deal with stress, sometimes we just need a get-a-way! Embarking on a vacation can rejuvenate your mind and renew your spirit. Never fear! Your running […]

Run Like Katniss From The Hunger Games

Chances are, you’ve heard the buzz about the wildly popular novel-turned-movie, The Hunger Games. Known for appealing to a wide range audience (from preteens to adults of all ages), one thing is certain- The Hunger Games mania is upon us.  We’re no exception at Women’s Running.  We admit it- we’re suckers for strong female characters […]

Hill Running

The hills are alive with sound of heavy breathing…. Wait, that’s not how the song goes? Our bad. We swear those are the words, because let’s face it, running hills takes our breath away (although it doesn’t have to, when done properly). Yes, running hills or doing hill repeats as part of your weekly training […]

Your Perfect Race

It doesn’t matter if you’re lining up for your first race or your 100th, lessons can be learned during each experience. Part of the fun of race day can be “people watching” (A.K.A. runner watching) to observe the different tricks of the trade runners use to ensure a good race. Here are some of our […]

Long Run Motivation

With spring marathon season upon us, many runners are ramping up training in preparation to go the distance (including several of our Women’s Running staffers!). Our recent “water cooler” office chats usually lead to coping with the challenges of long distance training runs. Since we love our running girlfriends (YOU), we thought we’d share some tips […]

Editor’s Corner: Running on Vacation

Runners love routine. If you’re an a.m. runner and you have to do your workout in the evening, it feels like eating Cheerios for dinner—something just isn’t right. This week my routine was interrupted for the most wonderful of reasons: A family vacation to a tropical island. In the weeks leading up to the trip, […]

How to Make Time to Run

We totally get it. Life gets in the way sometimes and makes it difficult to squeeze in time to run. Whether it’s work, family commitments, or just everyday life, sometimes we feel like we’re being pulled in a million directions. Unfortunately, for women like us, our precious running time can be the first thing sacrificed […]

Finding A Running Coach

Go ahead- say it: I’m a runner. Feels good, doesn’t it? Want to know what feels even better?  Improving your running. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a better runner (who hasn’t?), consider hiring a run coach to help step up your training. Think you’re too “slow” for a coach? Wrong!  Runners of any levels […]

For the Love of Running…

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’ve been thinking about how best to combine two loves: the love of running and our love for a significant other. Though there are several professional runner marriages (Ryan & Sarah Hall, and Adam & Kara Goucher, to name a few :)), running with a significant other can sometimes […]