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  • Hill Training 101

    Sponsored by Polar /

    THIS MONTH’S TRAINING TIP SPONSORED BY Running on roads and level surfaces places a monotonous strain on your legs, and your muscles will not develop as optimally as on uneven terrain. Running on uneven terrain makes muscles develop more naturally, and the important oxygen uptake capacity is also developed. Uneven terrains are also gentler on […]

  • The Ins and Outs of Online Training

    Breanne George /

    D3 Multisport Head Coach Mike Ricci tells us what to look for in an online training program—and how to maximize results. I’ve never followed an online training plan, how do they work? I’m also on a budget. How much do they cost? Online training plans offer a variety of options to fit the needs of […]

  • Run for It: The Impact of Running

    Jeana Durst /

    Learn how your regular runs can add up to better health—and when a run might actually compromise your health. Ask any runner, and you’ll hear the same refrain: “When I feel a little cold coming on, I lace up and sweat it out.” They’re quite confident that running can ward off just about any illness. […]

  • Advice From the Pros

    Kristin Harrison /

    I spent yesterday on a track at the Athletes’ Performance Institute (API) in Los Angeles with some of the world’s fastest athletes. Hosted by Adidas and led by coaches from API, sprinters Allyson Felix (pictured), Veronica Campbell-Brown and Christine Ohuruogu—all medal-winning Olympians and world champions—demonstrated a variety of drills they perform before a track workout. […]

  • Cross-Training with Kinesis

    Kristin Harrison /

    I find it challenging enough to schedule three to five runs each week, to say nothing of fitting in cross-training. Of all the things I try to mix into my running program (yoga, cycling, swimming), strength training is the one that takes the lowest priority. I know I should do it, but I rarely do. […]

  • Run Long

    Kristin Harrison /

    Spend some time reading the National Runners Health Study, and you might be inspired to tack a mile or two onto your next run. Since 1991, Dr. Paul Williams and a team of researchers have worked with more than 120,000 runners to learn how running impacts human health. Some of the most interesting findings for […]

  • Want to Run Faster? Relax.

    Tiffany Connors /

    Most runners feel nervous, jittery and excited at the start of a race. But athletes perform at their best when they’re relaxed, reports a recent NY Times article. Runners who are too tense don’t use their muscles as efficiently as those who stay relaxed and in a rhythm. You’ve seen them on the course (or […]

  • Go for a Fun Run

    Kristin Harrison /

    Bored with your regular run around the same ol’ neighborhood loop? Me too. So recently a friend and I met up after work and went on a “fun run” through a local park, mixing a variety of exercises into the workout while making a game out of it. (It never hurts to act like a […]

  • Run Less, Run Better

    Matt Fitzgerald, photos by Solana Jean /

    Cut the mileage without sacrificing performance by adding cross-training to your routine. If you want to improve your running next summer, try cross-training this winter. With next season’s most important races still months away, it’s the perfect time to reduce your mileage and make room for other types of exercise that will give your running […]