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Race, Recover, Repeat

Fluid recovery drink has only been on the market a few short years, but in elite athlete circles it’s well known as a top-notch product for transitioning muscles from one hard workout to the next. Recovery products are a critical component of sports nutrition – particularly when consumed immediately following exercise, in what is commonly […]

Go Speed Racers!

Check out this super fun and fast-paced time-lapse video. It shows all the 2010 NYC Marathon runners crossing the Verrazano Bridge – in less than two minutes! Can you pick out your friends in the crowd?  

LUNA Lunch

It’s pretty much a given that when you go to a trade show, any hope for a healthy eating plan goes quickly down the drain. The days are so busy, it’s difficult to find the time for a decent lunch. However, strategically timing a visit to the sports nutrition section can provide a tummy-pleasing time-crunched […]

Tote It with Sherpani

One of my favorite product finds from the Interbike trade show is the Meta 4 yoga bag from Sherpani. The sporty duffel packs equal parts style and function, with its large volume capacity, athletic-focused features, gorgeous color palette and floral interior lining. I love pockets, and the Meta 4 does not disappoint, with numerous interior […]

Boots Fit For a Runner

I’m a proponent of mixing it up a bit when it comes to training – taking breaks from running to dabble in different types of active adventures here and there. So yesterday, when the crisp fall sunshine, the blazing leaves and the pleading eyes of my puppy beckoned, I agreed it was a great day […]

From A to DD…

Find the perfect-fitting sports bra with these tips from Julie Baxter, vice president of Moving Comfort. WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO HAVE A PROPER-FITTING SPORTS BRA? The biggest reason why you should wear a proper-fitting sports bra is comfort. A runner should never think about her breasts while running. This is a key indication […]

Get Your Compression On!

Compression garments are all the rage in endurance sports these days – especially compression socks. There are, however, two distinct schools of thought as to whether the socks should be worn during exercise or simply as a recovery aid after a hard workout or race. Personally, I wear compression only as a before and after […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Training Journal

A last minute gift good for any runner on your list is a training journal. Granted, there are numerous digital options for tracking one’s fitness plans and progress, but I’m talking about an honest-to-goodness old-fashioned pen-to-paper style journal. My generation grew up writing “Dear Diary” entries on a daily basis, and for many of us, […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Boot Camp

So many of us struggle at this time of year to maintain our fitness goals, much less launch into new athletic endeavors. But sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement and camaraderie to get our bodies moving in the right direction. If there’s a woman on your holiday list in need of a motivational […]

Stocking-Sized Body Glide for Her

As a runner and triathlete, my race bag is never without Body Glide. This non-greasy balm has saved my neck from the trauma of wetsuit chafing, my inner thighs from the pitfalls of “chub-rub” and my feet from countless blisters. I’m happy to report that the makers of this miracle balm now offer Body Glide […]